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Sharp Quattron 3D TVs unleashed: photos!

The first Sharp Quattron 3D TVs ready for store shelves have been unveiled. We knew goggleboxes with Sharp’s four pixel colour tech and the added dimension were on the way, but now the Japanese giant has seen fit to dish out all the details on them – and a pair of 3D Blu-ray boxes are in tow!

The first LV series of the Sharp Quattron 3D TVs will land in the land of the rising sun on 30 July, sporting 40, 46,52 or mammoth 60 inch size 1080p resolution panels, and Sharp’s Quattron tech which uses a fourth yellow sub pixel for vivid colour reproduction.

Unlike the Sharp Quattron TVs on sale in the UK, these 3.9cm thick LED backlit LCD TVs will display 3D video too. You’ll need to use the supplied AN-3DG10 glasses, which come in silver, read or blue, and will be sold separately for 10,000 yen (around £75), and unusually also convert 3D content to 2D with the press of a button.

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The new line of Sharp Quattron 3D TVs also comes with a set of networking skills, including the option for USB hard drive recording and Wi-Fi support, something missing from the first 2D generation of Sharp Quattron TVs.

Also announced alongside the new Sharp Quattron 3D TVs are two Sharp 3D Blu-ray players for Japan, the Sharp Aquos BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70, with 2 and 1TB hard drives respectively for recording all your shows, and the ability so sling them to an Aquos TV in another room over your home network.

There’s no word just yet on when the Sharp Quattron 3D TVs go on sale in the UK, but the company says the line “will be introduced around the globe”, so fingers crossed we see them soon. We’ve got a query in with Sharp UK, so we’ll update when we get a response.

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