BBC One HD will launch this autumn showing the same schedule as BBC One. While the thought of Anne Robinson in HD is unsettling, the good news is BBC One HD will be free on Freeview HD and all digital TV platforms. And Match Of The Day is one of the programmes headed for an overhaul so more free HD football is on the way…

When BBC One HD launches in the autumn not all shows will be HD but soaps like Eastenders and Holby City will be available in depressingly enhanced definition. More upbeat fare like Q.I and The Apprentice is also headed our way so you’ll be able to see and Sir Alan’s scowl more clearly than ever.

The Beeb also confirmed that as well as Match Of The Day, Songs Of Praise, A Question Of Sport and Blue Peter will be switching to HD filming soon. Its promised than the entire BBC One HD schedule will be filled with hi-def shows by 2012.

BBC One HD will take up the empty fourth spot in the Freeview HD channel line up which leaves one space left to be filled. As you might recall, Five HD ditched Freeview HD in favour of Sky.  BBC One HD will also be show on Sky+ HD, Freesat and Virgin Media.

The current BBC HD channel will continue alongside BBC One HD. It’ll show content from the rest of the BBC’s channels. It’s also going to be on for longer, upping its output from 9 hours a day to 12 hours. The World Cup and Wimbledon will both be shown in HD on the channel.

Let us know what you think of BBC One HD. Does it have enough shows to make the move worthwhile? And what channel do you want to see take the fifth Freeview HD slot?

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