Guitar Hero 6 is due to be announced at E3 in June but it seems Amazon may have jumped the gun listing a new gamed called Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Is this the next full fat installment of the plastic guitar rocking series or another game entirely?

Amazon is listing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii with a release date of September 21. The Guitar Hero 5-follow up will be available as a stand alone game, a guitar pack and a super bundle which should include guitars, drums and a microphone.

Previous Guitar Hero 6 details suggested that we’ll see songs from Queen, Black Sabbath and Kiss in the next game with Kiss’s Gene Simmons acting as a narrator for a new Quest Mode. That selection definitely chimes well with the Warriors of Rock subtitle.

With the news of a Rock Band 3 keyboard yesterday, we look set for a renewed battle of the virtual bands between Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  Are you planning on picking up Green Day: Rock Band? And what features does Guitar Hero 6 need to add for you to join the band?

Due TBC | £TBC | Amazon (via Destructoid)

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