Steve Jobs fired up his iPhone again over the weekend to pooh-pooh the idea that Android 2.2 Froyo might have leaped ahead of the iPhone OS. He also promised that we’ll be wowed by the Apple announcements planned for WWDC in two weeks time. But haven’t we already seen what iPhone 4.0 has to offer?

First up, Steve Jobs responded to claims from Gizmodo that Google has leap frogged Apple with the release of Android 2.2 Froyo. We pondered the same question with our opinion piece on Google TV. Unsurprisingly, the Apple boss doesn’t see that happening. His three word riposte: “Not a chance.”

Another correspondent told Steve Jobs: “I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow [Google] out of the water.” The characteristically economical reply: “You won’t be disappointed.”

With WWDC just two weeks away and iPhone 4.0 leaks still pouring out onto the web, do you think Steve Jobs is right to be confidant? Or has Google convinced you that Android is the future?

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  • Coldsmoke

    Let’s face the truth; Google and the rest of the handset providers are playing catchup with the market that Apple created, (touch interface via gestures). Everyone else was content to keep throwing similar (and crappy) handsets at us until Apple stepped outside the box.
    Granted, Google is leading the pack and certainly has a pretty descent approach, but who knows if they are in this market for the long haul. I am not convinced that this isn’t just an experiment for them.

  • Tim

    There both poor and both as bad as one another.

  • Tyza

    We won’t be disappointed?
    Why? Is it going to (finally) support Flash? :o D
    Android 2.3 is already well into the development cycle (expect a release prior to the holiday season)
    Come on Apple, YOU need to ‘catch up’!!

    • James Holland

      I think iPhone 4 has some huge surprises in store. I’ll be really interested to see what iChat does to the mobile landscape. By bundling free calls into the OS, Apple’s going to really annoy operators. But will any of them do anything about it? Can they, even?

      Game Centre too, looks really interesting – it’s something Microsoft should’ve done years ago with Xbox Live on mobiles. And then there’s all the other stuff. Wireless syncing, maybe. An almost HD resolution screen… and battery life. I’m predicting that’ll be a huge selling point of the new iPhone.

      Fact is, Android 2.2 didn’t add any jaw-dropping features for me. Tethering? Yeah yeah yeah… I could do that with my N95 FOUR years ago! Nokia has been bundling Tethering apps into its phones / PC Suite for years… and the iPhone’s had it for at least the last year (I lose count, but it’s been around for a while).

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