Nokia and Yahoo! have announced that they’re teaming up. Nokia’s Ovi Maps service will power Yahoo! maps and navigation while Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat will use Yahoo! tech to power up their instant messaging and email skills. Read on to find out what the Yahoo!/Nokia love in means to you…

Nokia and Yahoo have worked together for five years on projects including allowing Nokia devices to sling pics to Flickr but the new collaboration is huge.

Ovi Maps will appear across Yahoo! services branded as “powered by Ovi” and Yahoo! will be baked into Ovi Chat and Ovi Mail which will carry a “powered by Yahoo!” label. The tie-up will also mean you’ll be able to use your Ovi ID to access Yahoo! services.

We’re big fans of Ovi Maps so it’s good news for Yahoo! that it’s getting its hands on its seriously impressive navigation skills. Google Maps will be given even more of a run for its money with Ovi Maps’ reach spreading further across the globe.

We can also definitely see Yahoo! instant messenger features seriously perking up Ovi Chat and some interesting new webmail  features finding their way into Ovi Mail.

The Nokia/Yahoo! collaboration will kick off in the second half of 2010. Expect to see co-branded services popping up in the UK then. Let us know what features from the two you’d like to see combined.

Due late 2010 | £free | Nokia

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