The iPhone 4.0 has leaked more times than a bullet-ridden colander, but still these spy shots of Apple’s new baby in the wild make us tingle with excitement. Sure, it’s the new iPhone we’ve seen splayed several times before, but this time it’s in Cupertino’s favourite white hue.

Snapped next to a black iPhone 4.0, this spy shot comes courtesy of the watermark enthusiasts over at It shows the new iPhone slapped down next to its darker brethren, clad in the white front panel we’d previously seen splashed all over the web.

This appears to be an earlier prototype iPhone, however, since the two tell-tale screw holes remain on its base, which are notably absent from the last model Jobs and Co let slip.

Also, is it just us, or does that recess for the iPhone 4.0’s home button look rather deep to you? Current iPhone and iPhone 3GS handsets keep the edge of the button flush with the cover, whereas these models flaunt a distinct rim around their edge.

For those rapidly approaching iPhone leak overload, there’s not too long to wait. Apple’s WWDC conference kicks off in just two weeks time on June 7th, where it’s widely believed the new iPhone will make its first official appearance.

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  • EBantam

    The recess on the white model is because it’s just a regular black phone with the white cover resting on top – ie a mock up of what it would look like.

  • Manuel

    Cut the crap, it’s not the new iPhone with white panel! Look at the home button, it’s 2 mm lower than usual. Someone just placed a white sticker on it

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