Android Gingerbread, the follow up to Android Froyo has already be dated. It will, appropriately given its rather festive name, be headed out way in time for Christmas. But what clues are already out there about the tasty features we’ll get from Android Gingerbread when the code-filled cookie crumbles?Google revealed estimated time of arrival for Android Gingerbread in the FAQ page for its WebM open source video format. It says: “WebM support in Android is expected in the Gingerbread release (currently planned for Q4 2010). So there’s one feature we know should definitely be lurking in the next Android OS.

Though we’ve seen a whole heap of new features added in Android Froyo, it’s likely that Android Gingerbread will see an even bigger overhaul of the OS. Hopefully we’ll see Android music syncing baked in there.

Struggling to get your head round Google’s sweet-toothed naming conventions? Try our guide to cracking the Android codenames. And let us know: now you know the features headed for Android Froyo, what should Google’s bakery be adding in the Android Gingerbread recipe?

Gingerbread man via Danny Sullivan on Flickr.

Due Q4 2010 | £free | Google (via Eurodroid)

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