Android Froyo has been revealed, creaming Android 2.1 Eclair with a big batch of new features. Google says Android Froyo will be up to five times faster than the current incarnation of Android and it’s added some seriously interesting new cloud computing clout too. Read on for a rundown of the main features and to see Android Froyo video…

As well as improved speed and performance in Android Froyo, Google has added cloud to device messages. That means desktop apps will be able to sling messages to your Android phone and vice versa. The Android 2.2 video above shows Google Maps on the desktop sending a map to an Android Froyo phone which automatically opens.

There’s more cloud cleverness in store with Android Froyo: you’ll be able to back up data from your apps to the cloud and it’ll be restored when you install them again on a new device. That’ll be a lifesaver if you lose or have to replace your Android phone.

Android Froyo also adds the ability for developers to choose whether their apps should be installed on the phone memory or SD card but you’ll also be able to easily switch them back and forth between the two.

As we knew it would Android Froyo also packs in Flash 10.1 giving it a big advantage over Apple’s Flash-phobic iPhone.

The Android Wi-Fi hotspot function has also arrived with Android Froyo so you’ll be able to hook other devices up to it to share its data connection. That could mean its bye bye time for the MiFi.

Google says its also given the Android browser a going over in Android Froyo so you’ll see improved graphics rendering and a serious speed hike. Google claims the Android Froyo browser is now the world’s fastest. We’ll put that to the test when we get our hands on it.

The Android Froyo browser also vastly scales up support for HTML 5 giving it access to your Android phone’s hardware including the camera for taking photos in web apps, the microphone and the accelerometer.

Finally, the Android Market has also had an overhaul to go along with the icy cool of Android Froyo. You’ll now be able to set  automatic app updates and install pending app updates with one click.

The Android 2.2 SDK is in the hands of developers now and Android Froyo will be headed for networks and phone makers within weeks. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the update to hit phones like the Nexus One and the HTC Desire.

Let us know what you think of Android Froyo. What features are you most stoked about? And what should Google add next?

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  • Steven Logan

    Sense flavoured Android will be updated to FroYo “second half of 2010″, which could mean New Year’s Eve……

    Place your bets that HTC release it just as Gingerbread is released!

  • madeinengland

    have upgraded to froyo this weekend just htc desire is notably faster.but how do i sync with itunes?

  • Ben

    I keep searching, but my desire still says there is no update :-(

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