iPad UK price details have just been suddenly sprung on us by Apple. After months of speculating about how much the iPad will cost in Blighty, Apple’s finally put us out of our misery. Read on for all the iPad UK details…

The iPad pre-orders will begin on Monday as previously announced with iPad UK shipments arriving on May 28. iPad UK prices start at £429 for the 16GB WiFi model. The 32GB WiFi iPad will set you back £499 while the 64GB comes in at £599.

The iPad WiFi + 3G models will set you back £529 for the 16GB, £599 for the 32GB and £699 for the 64GB. As well as iPad pre-orders, you’ll be able to buy iPad UK models from the Apple Store and some authorised resellers but with iPad shortages in US stores it might be wise to get your order in on Monday.

As well as announcing the iPad UK availability, Apple has announced that the iBooks app will be available as a free download from the iTunes App Store on May 28, iPad UK launch day. We’d previously thought we’d have to wait for it, so that’s good news.

Let us know what you think of the iPad UK price and take a look at our iPad UK review if you’re still not sure if you want one.

Due May 28 | from £429 | Apple

  • jack

    maybe people should wait till the next ipad 2nd Gen. i guarantee it will have front facing camera!

  • Nick

    What a rip off!

  • Lui-g

    It’s not far off the ElectricPig’s calculated £407, so I don’t see what the big deal is.
    Phones cost this much (or more) – and they have tiny screens comparatively.

    [ I correctly predicted back then the entry price of £429 (hurray for me) - it just looks right to me. ]

    Yes it’s expensive, but so are all the well designed gadgets. My iPod Touch 1st Gen lacks many features of its newer siblings, but it still works great. My 4 year old MBP still beats the pants off the majority of corporate laptops I see in meetings (in looks, speed & flexibility) – so you get what you pay for.

    You don’t have to buy it – but I will. Now, which model…

  • robh

    It’s about right, when you take VAT and the horrendous exchange rate into account. Still going to wait to see one. It’s going to arrive a week before the new iPhone – wonder if any of the networks will do a iPad + iPhone deal?

  • martinog bradley

    its £429 + VAT ! this will make the lowest level ipad about £500 ! does steve jobs and apple really think people over here are so thick that they’ll pay this price? if you pay this sort of money for an oversized , limited iphone then you are either a millionaire or an absolute FOOL.

    • Lui-g

      I believe the £429 price INCLUDES VAT.
      As for being a millionaire – hardly. Some people may buy this as their only machine at home (grand parents) – simpler to use than a computer, no boot up time, no viruses, etc… Same price as a middle-of-the-range laptop.
      Me, I’m VAT registered, so I get it for £365 which is not a bad deal.
      (oh, the joys of being a developer)

    • Graham

      No it’s not – it’s £429 inc VAT.

      The American price plus VAT is £399 so about £30 more. Which seems fair enough to me. So I’ll be ordering Monday.

      If you don’t like the device – then don’t buy one!


  • Craig

    @martinog bradley
    I’d be very surprised if the £429 price doesn’t include VAT. Still, £429 is far to expensive for a device that doesn’t fill any needs for me, only wants. If they had just released an atom powered netbook running OS X, I would have snapped it up straight away – I needed something like this for note taking in lectures. Instead, I went for a Vaio P.

  • Jon

    £429 + for a large iPod Touch, surely only idiots will pay that price. Save some money and buy a 10 inch laptop, far more powerful, far more useful and cheaper!

  • http://www.cheap-hard-drive.com/ Cheap Hard Drive

    This is no surprise really. Did you honestly expect an equivalent US to UK price? Electronics always suffer this price hike in the UK which all comes about from tax, exchange rates and companies liking to rip Britain off!

  • Chris

    the price for the “cheap” model is exorbitant.
    what happened to the “you won’t believe how cheap it will be” rumours before the launch? :)
    The problem is they create a US price and then adapt the overseas pricing from that… what’s US sales tax have to do with the UK ?? this is such non-sense…

  • martinog bradley

    ( + VAT ) means 429 plus the VAT. ( incl. VAT ) means price including VAT . £500 is a joke.

  • Simon

    I think £499 for the 32GB wifi is just too much money. I had my heart set on this one but apple have pushed the price too high to warrant it. I will wait and see what the iPhone 4g is like instead, after all everyone uses/need mobile phones where as a iPad isn’t necessary.

    • Hugh

      I concur, I won’t pay what they are asking and like you had my heart set on one.

  • Craig

    What a rip off. end of.

  • dan p

    The pricing of the ipad is as expected the only thing I cant understand is why there is no unlimited plan I have just pre ordered 32gb Ipad and an orange micro sim and willl do the 10gb date plan but thought that we would of got a unlimited plan like at&t are doing in the states

    • Colin Ferguson

      The UK carriers didnt want to offer one unfortunately.
      They make their money on iphone tarrifs from calls and texts not from data. O2s data network in particular is creaking at the seams as it is with all the iphone and palm pre (to a much lesser extent) data usage.
      Just not worth their while to offer an unlimited data plan with no way to recoup some of the costs from text, mms and calls charges.

      No doubt some people will blame Apple for this too, but the truth is that AT&T in the states were willing to offer a better deal than the UK carriers were.

      Thinking the Vodafone 250mb one is probably enough for most people (well for me) – its about what I rack up on my iphone when I am out and about., ie not at home, work, or mates homes where there are wifi networks to use. Failing that the Orange 3gb one is way more than enough and is only £5 a month more.

  • Colin Ferguson

    Honestly dont see what the fuss is about here.
    Its about £36.90 more expensive than it is in the US (BEFORE taking US Sales tax into account and BEFORE working out any import duties by the nice men at HMRC).
    People seem to lose track of the fact the the price on the US site is $499 PLUS TAX, and the UK price is £429 INCLUDING TAX.
    Is it expensive? Sure it is. Its expensive in the states too for what it is. But come one, surely this price is no shock to anyone. Did you really think it would somehow be CHEAPER in the UK?!

    Think this is about the best price we could have hoped for. The ipad is expensive. End of. If its not for you then dont buy it. But dont pretend that apple are somehow “ripping off” the UK customers. If you have an issue with the price difference then your issue is with HMRC not apple.

    The PRESALES TAX US Price works out with current exchange rates to £333.70 when you add VAT onto that you get £392.10.
    So without taking shipping costs and import taxes into account the difference in price is £36.90.
    And of course thats based on the US price without sales tax (IE – NOT THE PRICE THEY ACTUALLY PAY FOR IT OVER THE COUNTER)

  • Herman Mittelholzer

    Well, I was planning on buying an iPad, but having seen the UK price and compared it with the US price I am having second and third thoughts.

    Apple have, in the past, always exercised a fair international pricing policy, and generally its products were priced the same worldwide, once local taxes were taken into account.

    However, with iPad, the price difference, even taking into account VAT, is so great as to be described as plain greedy, and a case of Apple treating its non-US customers as ‘mugs’ to be ripped off.

    That’s a real shame. Apple is becoming what we all hoped they would ‘never’ become – a Microsoft!

    Steve Jobs – get your act together. Your halo is definitely slipping.

    • Colin Ferguson

      The price difference is “so great” even after “taking into account VAT”?
      Seriously? Its less than £37
      Thats not including any import duties (because we dont know what they are) and is not even a like for like comparison with the US price because there is still the state sales tax to add to the $499.
      Its pretty much identical. Honestly dont know what sums you are doing to get that its a “rip off” and we are being treated like “mugs”.

      Now if you said its too expensive for what it actually is or offers then I would have to agree with you on that point, but as far as the US/UK price comparison goes, they are pretty much identical. Give the treasury a ring if you are not happy about the price. Or buy one now before VAT goes up to 20% and it costs even more lol

  • Sean

    I love Apple, I really do. I have a Mac and 32GB Touch and they the best things I have ever bought – EVER. I am doing pretty well in life so could, at a push buy one. But for the first time ever, after salivating when I saw the Steve Jobs announcement, will NOT be getting one of these. These prices are far too expensive and it is very clear a 2nd Gen will not be far away. Even with a camera, I think the price is far too much. About £90 less and it would be about there. 16GB is the nearest I would get to affordability but 16Gb will store not a lot of films once you have a few good apps/game son it – which would have been my primary purchase reason – plus the (not yet) ability to video chat with my kids on iChat.

  • JB

    US price currently equates to about £360, so the UK price is quite high by comparison.
    These items are made in China, so they never hit the US and don’t accrue local sales taxes there.
    Transport costs from China to EU will be no different than to USA.
    VAT is paid on the value of goods as they are imported to the UK; the value at import is max £100, probably much less. Add on 17.5%.
    Similar import duties probably get charged in the USA, but even if they charge less there is a much greater margin in the UK price.
    Given that most of these items will be sold directly from Apple website, it begins to look like a pretty big mark up doesn’t it?
    I suspect the reason is the instability of exchange rates more than anything.

    • Colin Ferguson

      JB, think you have got slightly the wrong end of the stick there.
      IMPORT duty is charged when the goods come into the country and are paid by the manufacturer/distributor.

      VAT is paid by the retailer and is 17.5% of the retail price – NOT of this “value at import” you talk about. Not sure how you figure its worth less than £100 at most. I assure you its a lot more than that.

      Lets say for sake of argument that the shipping costs to the UK are roughly equivalent to the US (they aren’t btw – its higher to ship to the EU), the cost of transportation within the country is higher there than the states. Just ask haulage companies about transport costs. Much higher here than the states (mainly fuel duty). All of these costs are passed onto the consumer.
      General rule of thumb is to add 7% as a cost of doing business, obviously that fluctuates depending on what it is you are selling, but as a general rule 7% will get you pretty close to your figure.

      So add import duty, add 17.5% on the RETAIL price, then add for cost of doing business in the UK (ALL of which is tax and levies paid to the UK government) and its really very close to the US price.
      Not arguing that its good value for money by the way, just that comparing the prices – they are very close together.
      Personally for what it is I think its overpriced in the states as well, but I dont think that apple are trying to rip off the UK consumer with higher prices. Stuff just costs more here. Tax tax and more tax.

  • Reginald

    Guys, as far as I know, there is no need to buy two Ipad data plans! I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. Basically, u put ur microsim card inside it, and then u can use it in both Ipad and Iphone. I googlesearched it and found this site that sells it: gomicrosim . com They say it costs 4.5 EUR. They also seem to offer the sticker guide to cut the regular simcard into the microsim. According to my calculations it should save me 1440$, since now I have no need to sign for another 2 years plan with AT&T.

  • http://ipadcoversandcases.com iPad Covers

    2 data plans or 1, you will still need something to protect your iPad…

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