The HP Slate has been one of the most heavily touted iPad rivals but it may be joining the Microsoft Courier in the tablet death pool if new rumours are right. Is HP gearing up to get rid of the HP Slate Windows 7 tablet in favour of hardware running its latest toy, the Palm webOS?

HP Slate specs leaked only a few back and HP even released an HP Slate video promoting its Flash support. But now Techcrunch is reporting that HP sources say it’s planning to drop the HP Slate altogether.

We first saw the HP Slate in the hands of Microsoft boss, Steve Ballmer, at CES but it seems HP may have gone off Windows 7 in the meantime. After buying Palm, it’s now being suggested that we might see webOS tablets coming from HP instead.

Palm boss, Jon Rubenstein, recently predicted webOS tablets were on the way so it could be that Palm already has some tantilising tech in its labs that HP has now got its hands on. Perhaps the HP Slate just couldn’t compete.

If the HP Slate is canned, it’ll be another tablet scratched off the list of iPad rivals. But we’ve still got the Asus Eee Pad waiting in the wings and can expect a raft of other touchscreen foes for Apple to fend off if ARM’s prediction of 50 tablets this year is even remotely right.

Do you think HP would be right to write off the HP Slate? Or are you gagging for a Flash-friendly tablet?

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  • WDB

    I was planning on buying a few of them but not if they have webOS.

    • caw

      I was really looking forward to this… definately want a windows based tablet pc… so i can make my own apps for it like i do on my laptop currently… i also want it to be windows based so i can run visual studio, which is the main program that i use… ipad is useless to me and if the slate has webos then this will be useless to me too!!

      I want a tablet which has a decent battery life… windows is a must and goos connectivity. please hp release the slate with windows 7!!

  • tlee

    If they have web OS…Im not getting it…I rely too much on windows based apps.

    • Ben Sillis

      I see your point tlee, but I suppose that’s what netbooks are for. As this market takes off, I think we’ll see Windows 7 fall by the wayside as a viable tablet OS – Apple has shown that a fanless, low power chip and tightly coded mobile software is the way forward for it,

      • Etrigan

        Ben, speak for yourself. I want Windows 7 on a tablet. I simply will not buy a tablet that is an oversized phone. What I want is PRECISELY a netbook with a tablet form factor, so that I can take advantage of the lighter weight (for reading ebooks and easy webconferencing) and most of all, digitizer pen input.

        I did not buy an iPad precisely because it is just an oversized iPod. If HP turns the Slate into an oversized Palm Pre instead of a compact tablet form factor PC, they can forget me as a customer.

        HP should listen to the millions of Windows 7 lovers and users, instead of the anti-Microsoft tech blogs who have no clue what ordinary people want in a tablet. The HP Slate was causing excitement on the web precisely because it was so different from the iPad (HP itself was touting all the advantages, including Windows 7). Imitating the iPad with a stripped down, limited phone OS is hard to fathom as a strategy.

        • James Holland

          I really think Windows 7 on a tablet around 10 inches would be a disaster. Imagine how small the “X” to close a window will be… and how would you right click? What about clicking and dragging? And if that’s solved with a gesture, what about the gesture needed to select a bunch of icons – isn’t that the same? The standard Windows 7 interface just doesn’t make sense on a tablet to me. Maybe Microsoft should cook up a special tablet front end, ready to be grafted on to a tablet.

  • Tusuk

    gagging. i want a slate. hmdi alone clinches the deal.

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