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The TomTom Go Live 1000 just blew TomTom’s priciest current connected satnavs out of the water. The brand new PND packs in a ton of new features almost unheard of in a dedicated satnav, including a finger friendly capacitive screen, and bundled internet services for a full year. Read on for the details.

All these free phone navigation solutions are certainly forcing the old timers to up their game. Last week, Garmin rolled out a super slim multitouch satnav, and now the TomTom Go Live 1000 is official to steal back some attention from smartphones too.

It’s taken some inspiration from them too, mind. The TomTom Go Live 1000 stuffs in a 11,500MHz Arm processor for speedy re-routing, a capacitive touchscreen like you’d find on an iPhone or HTC Desire, and net connectivity to pull down relevant, realtime info on traffic, speed cameras and local search. The TomTom Go Live 1000 is even sporting a UI based on the WebKit technology that powers so many top notch mobile browsers.

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The TomTom Go Live 1000, which comes bundled with maps for 45 European countries, also includes the cost of subscription to its handy live services, such as HD Traffic, which uses anonymous phone location data to work out where congestion is, for a full year. In its official announcement, TomTom even mentions the “integration of third party applications”, but doesn’t elaborate, though we’d be interested to see what’s possible: we’d love to have an application that pulls up what food is actually available at the nearest McDonald’s drive-throughs.

The TomTom Go Live 1000 will be available in the Summer, with price still to be confirmed.

Out Summer | £TBC | TomTom

  • canderson

    “…stuffs in a 11,500MHz Arm processor…”

    Run that by me again? That would be “500MHz”.

    And we’re getting a bit tired of seeing the recent higher end models offered for sale only in Europe, or silly things like the audio-capable dock for the 740 we share being offered only in Europe. TT, are you listening? Can you say Garmin? For those of us wishing to spend a few for the extra features, your once loyal customers here in NA are about to jump ship. Sort out your international business while you’ve still got one.

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