Virgin Media has just launched a new online movie streaming site. The Virgin Media Online Movies is already up and running with a selection of new releases and older films to choose from. Will the new Virgin Media rental service put another nail in the rental shop’s coffin and should LoveFilm be looking over its shoulder?

Films on the Virgin Media Online Movies service range in price. We spotted flicks to rent for as little as £1.50 but most will set you back around £3.50. Rentals remain in your account for 30 days but once you press play you have 48 hours to watch them as much as you want. You can stream from wherever you log on.

The current Virgin Media Online Movies service only offer standard definition movie rentals but Virgin Media promises an HD upgrade is on the way along with an online TV streaming service later in the year. You don’t need to be a Virgin Media customer to use the new movie streaming service.

The technology behind the Virgin Media Online Movies service is supplied by FilmFlex which also runs Virgin Media’s TV on demand movies service.  A Youtube Store service for films opened up in the US last week.

You can sign up for Virgin Media Online Movies now. Let us know what you think: can it compete with simply buying movies via iTunes or LoveFilm streaming?

Out now | from £1.50 per film | Virgin Media Online Movies

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