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PS3 Remote Play, the nifty net feature that lets you stream video and TV to Sony PSPs, is headed to laptops. On paper, it looks like Sony just put Sling Media and its Slingbox gear out of business, but there’s a catch: it appears only future Sony VAIO laptops will support it.

On a PlayStation UK blog post, Sony has revealed that the recent 3.30 PS3 firmware update, which brought 3D gaming support to the console, also readies the PlayStation 3 for another new feature: PS3 Remote Play on laptops. Although details are sparse right now (with more info promised in May), a browse of the new support sites reveals that you’ll be able to tune into the contents of your console’s hard drive using PS3 Remote Play in just the same way as you can with a PSP in Wi-Fi hotspots, or the Sony Ericsson Aino phone.

Sony Ericsson Aino: the PlayStation phone that never was

It’s a fantastic move which could allow for seamless media (and even gaming) on any screen you choose, in the way that the Slingbox or Spawn Labs HD-720 box offer now, without any further gear or outlay required. Unfortunately, the site also says that PS3 Remote Play is coming to future Sony VAIO laptops, with no indication of a wider roll out.

That’s a shame, as it’s not clear what technological barriers would stop Sony from switching on PS3 Remote Play for Windows computers (or any with a desktop browser, for that matter) right now if it pooled its resources to do so. Still, we’re willing to hold out to see what Sony’s come up with. Between a desktop PS3 Remote Play, and seamless Xbox 360/Windows Phone 7 game switching, the walls holding your console inside your home are rapidly crumbling.

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