iPhone Wi-Fi syncing has long been on the iPhone features wish list. After all, the dreaded Zune has included the ability to sync songs wirelessly for ages. Now a video showing Wi-Fi Sync, an iPhone app that wirelessly syncs with iTunes, has hit Youtube. But will Apple allow this iPhone Wi-Fi syncing solution to slip into the iTunes App Store? Somehow we doubt it…

Check out the iPhone WiFi syncing video above and you’ll see Greg Hughes’ Wi-Fi Sync app in action. It uses a Wi-Fi Sync desktop client and iPhone app to sync your iTunes library between a computer and your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

While Wi-Fi Sync is a pretty elegant way of enabling iPhone Wi-Fi syncing, we seriously doubt it’ll be approved by Apple. While Hughes is publicising his app before submitting it, just as Opera did with the Opera Mini iPhone app, Apple is likely to dismiss it for being too close to a current function.

It’s also highly likely that Apple itself was introduce iPhone Wi-Fi syncing in iPhone 4.0. The iPad already has n-standard Wi-Fi and the new iPhone is likely to include it too. That could add iPhone Wi-Fi syncing without the need for an app like Wi-Fi Sync.

Is iPhone Wi-Fi syncing one of the features you want to see added in iPhone 4.0? Let us know what upgrades you want to see in the new iPhone.

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