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The PS3 3D gaming firmware upgrade we were promised has begun rolling out, months earlier than expected. Sony originally pledged that the update would land no later than June, but we’ve confirmed it’s already available for any British gamers to nab right now!

Sony promised just last week that an update to allow for stereoscopic PS3 3D gaming (As in the type with glasses) would land before June, when the first Sony Bravia 3D TVs hit UK shop shelves. And now, it’s here: on the official PlayStation blog, PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel has confirmed that mandatory system software update 3.30 is rolling out right now.

Official: PS3 will play 3D Blu-ray

The update, which also allows for easier sorting of Trophies by category, enables PS3 3D gaming. You’ll still need a 3D TV of course, and the first PS3 3D games (including Super Stardust HD and Wipeout HD) are timed to “complement” the June Bravia launch, but we’ve fired up our PlayStation 3, and downloaded and installed the PS3 3D gaming update in under five minutes already, so there’s no harm in being prepared.

Of course, this PS3 3D update still doesn’t bring 3D Blu-ray support, which isn’t expected until later in the year, but from the early previews we’ve seen, 3D gaming is more than impressive, and should keep you occupied until that 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar we’ve been waiting for hits.

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