There’s Dell leaks a plenty today. We saw the Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 phone earlier, now here’s another Dell tablet – the Dell Looking Glass. The latest iPad rival from Dell is a larger version of the Dell Streak we spied a while back. So, will the Dell Looking Glass leave us in Wonderland like Alice or just wondering what to do with it?

The 5in Dell Streak (aka the Dell Mini 5) hasn’t been officially announced or priced yet but the latest leak says we’ll be getting the 7in Dell Looking Glass in November.

The Dell Looking Glass is another Android tablet. It runs Android 2.1 at the moment but hopefully will get an update before it hits the shelves as we should be getting Android 2.2 in May.

There’s a speedy Tegra 2 processor lurking in the Dell Looking Glass but rather disappointingly, the 7in display has the same 800 x 400 resolution as the 5in Dell Streak.

The leaked Dell slides promise built-in 3G for the Dell Looking Glass as well as the option of a digital TV tuner. There’s an accelerometer, A-GPS and a compass, all features that potentially make it a compelling iPad rival.

The Dell Looking Glass will apparently ship with 4GB of RAM, 4GB of flash storage and an SDHC slot to add another 32GB. There’s also a 1.3MP camera for video calls.

What do you think of the latest of this year’s promised avalanche of Android tablets?

Due November | £TBC | Dell (via Engadget)

  • CJ84

    When it gets right down to it Apple is always going to be in a strong position because as a company it has control over the hardware and the software in one device. No-one can ever rival that, not even Dell. Dell’s hardware might be up to scratch but it will have to run windows and there isn’t a version of windows that is designed exclusively for touch sreen devices.

    • Mic Wright

      It’s an Android tablet actually CJ84 but you’re right that Apple has an advantage with hardware and UI integration.

      • CJ84

        I stand corrected.

  • Marc Obermann

    Well Apple may well of been first with the iPad but this and the 10″ version are going to give the iPad some serious competition as running Android their app store isn’t that far behind. Plus of course these will have Flash 10.1 and full Multitasking along with all the usual Google app integration the spec’s and looks of these devices blows Apples out the water IMHO. Unless of course your an Apple fan in which case of course there just rubbish.

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