Nokia X6 review: Music player Nokia X6 review: Music player

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Easy-to-use playback via homescreen
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Menu sometimes tricky, bundled buds
Musics skills are unquestionably its forte
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£from free
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The Nokia X6 music player is the phone’s biggest draw, and the central plank of the entire X series. What has Nokia done to make this the go-to phone for music nuts? And more importantly, does it pull it off? Read our Nokia X6 review and we’ll make sure you’re completely clued in before laying down your cash.

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Nokia does music very well. In spite of tune download service Comes With Music’s failure to capture the imagination, its software is always of a high standard and works well on nearly all of its devices. The X6 is no different and delivers a rich experience bested only by the iPod on the iPhone.

Ducking into the music option on the Symbian S60 menu brings up the opportunity to dive straight into the player, where you can drag and drop MP3, WMA and AAC tracks with no trouble, or tap up the Nokia Music store for over the air downloads. The latter remains well stocked but nowhere near as good an option as the likes of 7digital or Amazon MP3.

You can touch through artists, albums, playlists, songs and podcasts easily as the touchscreen on the Nokia X6 is so good. It picks up your choice first time and gives you album artwork as well as playback options down at the bottom of the screen. The UI is OK, but the reliance on a file tree system which you access via the Options key is somewhat awkward and doesn’t compare well to Apple’s touchable UI on the iPhone. It’s a minor quibble and can be circumvented by simply tapping the back button to take you to the main menu.

Unlike the XpressMusic handsets of old, there aren’t any dedicated hard keys for music playback. That means that you need to yank the phone out of your pocket and fire it up to see just what you’ve been listening to. It’s not a dealbreaker, but is something we always liked on the X series predecessors. Instead, you get a small playback screen slapped on the homepage when you come out of the music player to do other bits and bobs. It works well and looks good, but hard keys on the Nokia X6 would have been better.

There’s a 3.5mm jack, so slotting your own buds into the Nokia X6 is easy enough, and it’s well placed on the top of the handset to avoid potential pocket snapping. You will want to bring your own cans, because the bundled efforts are, frankly, rubbish. Stick in your own earphones though and you’ll find sound compares well to the best-selling MP3 players out there, especially up against the iPod nano.

When it comes to storage, we’ve got no grumbles whatsoever. The top end Nokia X6 comes with 32GB of boot space for your tunes, the same as a top end iPhone and enough for hundreds of albums or more than fifty full length movies, while the cheaper Nokia X6 16GB still matches the most expensive iPod nano for song shelf space.

And did we mention that the 32GB Nokia X6 boasts Comes With Music support? If you’ve got your eyes on the Nokia X6, it’s an essential add-on, as it’ll let you download as many songs as you like from the well stocked Nokia Music Store for an entire year. While it’s a crying shame all those tunes are DRM locked to your phone or PC, there’s no denying that the service works without a single hiccup, and might even be worth opting for over a Spotify Premium subscription for tunes on the go. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the network favoured Nokia X6 16GB, but if you’re planning on buying SIM-free, it’s a worthwhile expense for music fans.

Still, even without Comes With Music, you could do a lot worse than the Nokia X6 if you like a bargain and love your tunes. Android’s music playback is still average and with the iPhone still pricey, making the Nokia X6 a great bet for music fans everywhere.

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