iPad UK price outed?

iPad UK price watchers have been all a flutter this afternoon after a retailer in Gibraltar seemingly revealed the pounds sterling prices for Apple’s uber-tablet. If its figures for the iPad UK price are right, you’re not going to be pleased…

Newton Systems, an Apple reseller on the British held, monkey-infested Rock of Gibraltar, says the iPad UK price will range from £599 for the 16GB WiFi model to £749 for the 64GB iPad 3G.

If those figures were right that would mean a major Apple tax slapped on to the iPad UK price. But it’s likely that they’re wishful thinking by Newton Systems which says it’s an official resaler.

Apple Sales Web for Europe, which releases official prices to Apple resellers isn’t listing an iPad UK price yet. Official resalers are unlikely to jump the gun with prices for fear of angering the Apple mothership. Plus those prices just seem a little bit too steep.

Take a look at our iPad UK price calculations which we think will be a lot near the mark and also take a look at how much all your iPad accessories will add up to.

Due late-May | £TBC | Apple (via The Next Web)

  • http://www.newton.gi Newton Systems

    This price posting on our web site was a mistake. It has now been corrected to TBA.
    We have no UK prices for the iPad.

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      Booo… or should that be, hooray? It was quite pricey…

  • Tim

    There are no Monkeys in Gibraltar…… they are APES.

  • Iain

    Monkey infested?? My, you’re intelligent, aren’t you……prat..

  • currytastic

    Major retailer starting to train staff on ipads leaked a starting price of £399. Which would have a similar ring of the $499 US ….

    • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

      Care to let us know which? Drop us a line, we’ll be super private! :)

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