iTunes Concert Ticket +, a system that would send event tickets to iPhone 4.0 or iPod Touch, has been revealed in a new Apple patent application. While iTunes Concert Ticket + could apply to events like stadium gigs, it suggests that Apple has designs on things like wedding invites too.

The Apple patent filing claims that the iTunes Concert Ticket + system would bring an end to the horror of leaving your ticket at home and has a green angle to by reducing paper use.

The iTunes Concert Ticket + patent filing suggests Apple could get tickets onto your iPhone in several ways. Hook your iPhone up to your Macbook or iMac and the ticket would be downloaded to the Concert Ticket + app. But you could also grab tickets from kiosks with an RFID reader.

We’ve seen patents in the past suggesting that iPhone 4.0 could incorporate an RFID reader and the iTunes Concert Ticket + patent filing seems to support that. Interestingly, the RFID reader is shown where many have predicted iPhone 4.0 will put a front-facing camera.

iTunes Concert Ticket + could also give you access to additional content linked to an event like interviews or live recordings or store offer coupons and vouchers.

The Apple patent filing describes other applications including theatre tickers, theme park rides and, curiously, wedding invites.

One clue that the iTunes Concert Ticket + system could arrive with iPhone 4.0 is the appearance of a Apple WWDC 2010 badge in the patent filing images.

That picture could suggest that Apple is planning to reveal iTunes Concert Ticket + this year at WWDC when we’re also likely to see iPhone 4.0. However, the filing was originally submitted in late-2008, so it may be a red herring or simply wishful thinking.

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Patently Apple)

  • Sam

    Or the early submission of the patent could be because apple work on their products well in advance, so that they are ready for launch. I am sure it takes a long time for any company to come up with ideas, designs, and then the prototypes, testing and manufacturing process, moulds, etc

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