iPhone OS 4.0 Facebook integration might not sound that exciting to anyone with a Palm Pre or an HTC Sense rocking smartphone like the HTC Desire but it bodes well for iPhone lovers itching for unified Calendar and Contacts apps. Read on for the clues suggesting the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.0 are going to get more Facebook friendly…

The curious pairing of Engadget and nail gunning safety website Gunning For Safety have discovered evidence that Facebook integration will arrive with iPhone OS 4.0.

Deep in the guts of iPhone OS 4.0, there appears to be a separate contact type dedicated to Facebook. There’s also a file named “SocialKitInternal.framework” that points to further social integration which we’d assume would include Twitter.

Apple has got more friendly with Facebook recently, opening up an iTunes App Store page on the social network, and launched its own limited range of Twitter accounts last year.

It would makes sense for Apple to bring Facebook integration to the iPhone along with other services like Twitter as plenty of  Android phones, Palm and HTC are already doing it as standard. But knowing Apple, we can expect a slightly different approach.

Due June | £TBC | Apple (via Engadget)

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