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The iPad 2 might not be unveiled until next year, if Apple sticks to its traditional release schedules, but the latest report says Steve Jobs and co are on the case already, and developing it right now. And according to sources, the iPad might just use an OLED display, for some serious colour skills.

Tech news publication DigiTimes has its ear to the ground when it comes to gadget manufacturing going down in the East, and today it’s reporting that sources in the component industry claim an iPad 2 is in development right now, and will use an OLED display. OLED displays provide much richer, vibrant colours than LCD panels (used in the iPad out in the US now), but are currently much more expensive in sizes beyond those suitable for mobile phones.

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We’d love to see an OLED panel in the iPad 2, but we’re taking this one with a cellar of salt for the time being. While the sources say OLED panel prices are expected to fall, making them cost effective for the iPad 2, one of DigiTimes’ own analysts doesn’t see prices dropping in time for 2011, when Apple would be expected to launch an iPad, based on its annual iPhone refresh cycle.

Given the high cost of small OLED TVs right now (Like LG‘s), this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. But hey, it’s an iPad 2 we’re talking about here, so here’s hoping demand for Apple’s tablet this year can drive down the price for next year.

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