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The Nokia N8 could have been delayed until Summer, but the leaks are still starting to pick up the pace nonetheless. Now to go with the blurry but tantalising spyshots, we’ve got a uber official looking press shot of the Symbian 3 touchscreen phone.

The new Nokia N8 image comes by way of Mobiflip and Chinese forum Eprice, purporting to be a render from an official Nokia document. It shows the front of the phone, and matches the previous in the flesh photos exactly, adding credence to rumours that the Nokia N8 will be a touchscreen only affair, potentially with a 12 megapixel camera.

Nokia N8 delayed?

We’re not sure at this point just how we like the look of the Nokia N8 if this is legitimate. The angular edges are a world away from the smooth curves of an iPhone ora Google Nexus One and look like they might just have potential pocket thigh stabbing skills. But the newly announced Nokia E5 turned out to look much less minging than its own spyshots, so we’re prepared to cut the Nokia N8 some slack.

What we won’t tolerate though, is any more waiting. We’ve been holding out for a Nokia N97 successor like the Nokia N8 for a year and a half, so it’s time for Nokia to serve up a new flagship phone and get to the front of the pack again already.

Out TBC | £TBC | Nokia (Via Eprice)

  • Doug

    I’ll pass on the smooth curves of the iPhone and Nexus one any day of the week for this. Granted it doesn’t quite have the perfect body design of the N86 or N97 (flat sides for the camera shutter button). It actually looks too much like the SE Aino. Not a fan of the flat top and bottom, but they’re got lots of room for ports now up there if they wish.

    • Ben Sillis

      Software’s make or break though – do you think you’ll prefer Symbian 3 over Android or iPhone?

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