It’s mealtime, and while Friday might call for a liquid lunch, we’ve got some solid, tasty tech news to go with it. Read on for all the headlines, piled up on one plate, here in the lunchtime lowdown!

First up, some juicy mobile news to get stuck into. The rumours around the Nokia N8 Symbian 3 phone continue to swirl, and while there’s no more word on a launch date, we’ve now got a new picture to add to the evidence pile.

Over on the iPhone front meanwhile, we saw some leaked pictures of a potential update, and this alleged iPhone 4.0 is rocking an aluminium case. Could it be true?

In gaming meanwhile, GTA 4 DLC has finally arrived on the PS3 and the PC, a year after Xbox 360 owners got their first taste of it. And speaking of the Xbox, we checked out a new video demo of Natal in action, ahead of its June premiere.

Don’t forget to check out our in depth Android coverage over on the Android Invades hub, with videos and guides on everything from the HTC Tattoo to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

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