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Both GTA 4 DLC episodes have gone on sale for PS3 and PC today, more than a year after the first part, The Lost And Damned, landed on the Xbox 360. Better late than never, right?

As of today, one of the Xbox 360′s most lusted after exclusives has finally come to the PS3 and PC. Both parts of the GTA 4 DLC, The Lost And Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, are available separately on the PlayStation Network for £13.99 each, or you can buy both GTA 4 DLC parts on disc for the PS3 at RRP £34.99. We’re seeing prices online at a much more reasonable £24.99 though so shop around, and note that the original Grand Theft Auto 4 disc is not required to play Episodes From Liberty City.

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On the PC meanwhile, both GTA 4 DLC parts are available paired up on Games For Windows Live, or you can pick up a disc as well – if this is your platform of choice we suggest you do the latter as is selling it for a fantastic £14.99.

Both GTA 4 DLC episodes launched to critical acclaim on the Xbox 360 last year. The Lost And Damned sees you playing as Johnny Klebitz, a biker who gets caught up in escalating violence when his gang’s leader returns from prison. The Ballad Of Gay Tony takes things to more over the top, GTA San Andreas style escapades, with you playing as night club impresario Luiz Lopez, skydiving and stealing trains with helicopters. Both parts are set in the same Liberty City world as the 2008 GTA 4 original.

Our copy of GTA 4 Episodes From Liberty City for PS3 has just rocked up at the door, so expect a full review soon.

Out Now | £34.99 | Rockstar Games

  • Mark G

    £22 on Disk for PS3 @ Argos.

    • Ben Sillis

      Excellent find! If only it was as good value as the PC version.

      • Mark G

        PC Gaming is a dead platform. Most content is pirated and publishers HAVE to release at these prices to make people buy it rather than downloading.

        I wouldn’t be suprised if this is the last GTA you see on PC, as it’s clearly dead.

        • Ben Sillis

          I suspect you’re right. Rockstar’s next big launch, Red Dead Redemption, is PS3/Xbox 360 only. Piracy issue aside GTA 4 was a notorious performance hog so that might have played a factor too.

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