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The Sony Bravia HX803, the first Sony 3D TV to hit the UK, has been given a launch date, with word of more 3D goodies to come soon after. It won’t beat LG‘s first batch of extra dimensional boobtubes to stores, but if you hurry, you just might be able to snatch one up in time for the World Cup. If only Sony was showing it on 3D TV here in the UK, eh?

The Sony Bravia HX803 3D TV, complete with a 200Hz super smooth, full HD screen which is LED backlit, is set to go on sale in June, Sony has announced. It’ll be available in 40 and 46 inch sizes, and also stuffs in a Freeview HD tuner and Sony’s Bravia Internet Video service for on demand telly.

Unfortunately, the Sony Bravia HX803 won’t ship with glasses, merely being 3D ready, but you’ll be able to pick up a bundle with two sets of the specs and a 3D transmitter to go with it (We’ve asked Sony just how much it’ll cost).

Sony 3D TV up for pre-order!

What will come with Sony’s specs bundled in is the follow up Sony Bravia LX903, which is super thin, and comes in 40 or whopping 60 inch flavours. We’re told it’ll follow the Sony Bravia HX803 into stores “within weeks”. We went hands on with it recently and were impressed with the sharp, bright 3D image quality on display, though put off somewhat by Sony’s unpleasant and weighty active shutter specs.

The Sony Bravia HX803 is up for pre-order now, and if you’re looking for 3D content to play on it as soon as it ships, the first 3D capable Sony Blu-ray player, the S470, is already on sale, with a 3D firmware update coming in June, while the forthcoming S570 is 3D friendly out of the box and shipping in May.

Out June | c.£2,499 | Sony

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    A slightly misleading launch as this screen isn’t 3D Ready out of the box. You’ll need to spring for an optional TMR-BR100 3D sync transmitter (£50) and TDG-BR100B glasses (£100) before you can start with the eye-boggling which is an expensive upgrade for a new 3DTV.

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