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The PS3’s PlayTV is getting a “major” new update later in 2010, and among the new features added to the Freeview tuner/PVR setup will be Facebook integration.

The news comes courtesy of a post on Sony’s official PS3 blog, in which PlayStation Network Project Manager James Thorpe outlines that “testing of some of the new features has already begun”.

Thorpe goes on to say that he won’t give away too much for fear of spoiling the surprise (aw, go on), but one thing he will say is that PlayTV will have links to Facebook. Quite what those links are, and what sort of functionality they’ll provide, he doesn’t say.

So what do you think? How can PlayTV and Facebook interact in a meaningful way? Will you be able to set recordings via your Facebook account (probably not), or let your Facebook friends know what you’re watching via automatic status updates (much more likely)? We’ll probably find out more before the PlayTV update is debuted.

Out TBC | £TBC | PlayTV (via PlayStation.Blog.Europe)

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