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ITV has announced that it will stream tomorrow’s Election Debate between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg online. Viewers will be able to ogle the three party leaders’ verbally jousting at – and they can also interact with ITV News correspondents and political pundits.

The live video stream will feature an audience reaction tool dubbed “The Worm”. This will monitor real time reaction from a focus group put together by ITV, displaying their approval, disapproval or neutral feelings in the form of an on-screen “worm graph”.

ITV will also host a web chat, and instant reaction from its correspondents Bill Neely, Lucy Manning and Angus Walker. Twitter and Facebook will also feature strongly in ITV’s online coverage: a sentiment tool tracking 5,000 key Twitter users will be used to display what they are tweeting about each of the leaders during the debate; while a Facebook Live tool will enable users to share their reactions on the social network juggernaut.

Once finished, the entire debate will be available via ITV Player and YouTube.

  • CJ84

    That’s an unfortunate looking picture!

    • Ben Sillis

      Can you find us a flattering picture of Gordon Brown under a creative commons license? Harder task than it sounds…. :)

  • John

    Maybe he’s making a gesture towards Mr Salmond who naturally won’t be there. It’s what we are all thinking…. Merchant Banker….

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