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The Opera Mini iPhone app has been approved and has already hit the App Store for download. We were half expecting Apple to slap down the server side data crunching web browser as a rival to its core Safari browser on iPhone OS, but it’s had a pang of conscience (or competitiveness) and let it loose for anyone to try out right now. We’ve given it a spin already so read on for the details.

We fired up the Opera Mini iPhone app after a quick, free download, and came away suitably impressed. The UI is clean and finger friendly, the address auto suggest bar is speedy and helpful, it handles tabs with no problems, and Opera has even incorporated pinch to zoom, although it works a bit too zealously for our liking. Much better is the swooping one tap column zooming.

Where the Opera Mini iPhone app really excels is speed. It can render pages in their full, desktop glory in seconds, and because it uses servers to compress data before pinging it over to you, anyone with a slow connection should really notice the load time difference compared to Safari for iPhone. In fact, our only real complaint is the slither of screen real estate you lose by having the page title label not built into iPhone OS as Safari is, but there’s no getting round that.

Opera Mini iPhone app incoming!

The Opera Mini iPhone app is available to download right now. If you often find yourself outside of 3G reception or have an original 2G iPhone, you owe it to yourself to try it out right now.

Out Now | £free | Opera (Available on the iPhone App Store now)

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