Twitter has bought Tweetie, the popular Twitter iPhone app. The current version, Tweetie 2, will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and have its price dropped from £1.79 to free. Twitter for iPhone will be followed by a Twitter for iPad app created by the creator of Tweetie. Will Twitter for iPhone knock out apps like Tweetdeck and Seesmic to become the ultimate Twitter app?

The new Twitter Blackberry app was a welcome arrival but this weekend brought an unexpected move when Twitter bought Tweetie from its developer Atebits.

Explaining a move in a post on the official Twitter blog, Evan Williams said: “Careful analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes App Store revealed massive room for improvement. People are looking for an app from Twitter and they’re not finding one.”

That explanation from Twitter sounds a little odd given the range of Twitter apps in the iTunes App Store. But Tweetie is a much loved app and renaming it Twitter for iPhone and making it free is bound to leave other apps like Twitterific or Tweetdeck struggling.

Evan Williams also revealed that Twitter will follow Twitter for iPhone with a Twitter for iPhone app. Loren Brichter, the creator of Tweetie, will work on the project with Twitter. The updated Twitter for iPhone hasn’t hit the iTunes App Store yet but is due imminently.

If you’re using the Tweetie for Mac app and waiting for Tweetie 2 for Mac, don’t worry. Brichter hopped onto the MacHeist forums to confirm that Tweetie 2 for Mac is still on the way.

Let us know: which Twitter app do you use and will you now move to the official Twitter for iPhone app?

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