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Twitter for BlackBerry began private beta testing back in February, but as promised, RIM has now made its own brand Twitter client open to all. Is Seesmic crashing out on you? UberTwitter leaving you hanging like a pair of shoes draped on a power line? Read on and we’ll show you how to give it a spin and have updates delivered to you in the background.

We got in on the the Twitter for BlackBerry beta on day one to bring you first impressions, but now you can try it out for yourself. It’ll load tweets in the background while you run other apps (If it feels like it, we found admittedly), post short links straight from the BlackBerrybrowser to sites you like, and even divvy up tweets by location.

Twitter for BlackBerry: all the details!

While we liked some of the features in Twitter for BlackBerry, particularly the UI and Direct Message inbox integration, in the end we uninstalled the beta from our BlackBerry Bold 9700 after battery life halved – only to return to normal once it was removed. RIM spokespeople have insisted to us that it doesn’t damage battery life in this way though, so we’re prepared to give it another try now it’s out of beta. Twitter for BlackBerry is open to all through a direct link on the UK BlackBerry site below, or through BlackBerry App World right now for phones running BlackBerry OS 4.5 or later. Let us know how you find it.

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