Best iPad apps recommendations are popping up across the web like field of Apple-inspired magic mushrooms. But with the iPad technically still confined to American shores, there’s not a lot of recommendations for UK specific iPad apps.

Whether you’re still waiting for the iPad UK price and iPad UK launch date or have nabbed an iPad from Bundlebox or by hopping on a plane, we’ve scoured the iTunes App Store and picked the best iPad apps with a UK focus.

London Tube Maps for iPad, £1.19
While most of us are still waiting for the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G but London Tube Maps for iPad already looks like a good buy. From the makers of one of the best reviewed London Tube maps iPhone apps, this version should be among the best iPad apps for getting round the capital. As well as giving you an iPad formatted Tube Map, the app will grab updated status reports via WiFi or 3G and makes it easy to search for and find stations.

London Street Map, £1.79
While the London Tube Maps for iPad app has you covered underground, London Street Map will turn your iPad into a lovable London tour guide. Though the iPad does come with Google Maps baked in, the London Street Map loads all its data onto your iPad. That means you can search and save routes without being hooked up to WiFi or gobbling up data if you go for the iPad 3G.

Newswiper, £0.59
The big newspapers are all aiming to bring out their own iPad apps.  If you don’t want to wait for them (or stump up the inevitable subscription charges), Newswiper is one of the current best iPad apps for quickly skimming through major newspapers on your iPad. As well as lots of US titles, the app also includes The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and FT.

Pocket Weather World HD, £1.79
The Weather app is one of the default iPhone apps that didn’t make the cut on the iPad but you can easily replace it. Pocket Weather HD gives you access to up-to-date weather forecast information for over 60,000 locations worldwide including the UK and supports metric and imperial measurements, so you can see how freezing it is in Faherenheit if you fancy).

Amazon Kindle, £free plus cost of buying titles

With no clear date for the arrival of the iBookstore in the UK, the best iPad app for grabbing books for your beautiful new tablet is the Amazon Kindle app. You can download books from the Amazon store directly from the iPad app, sync your reading with the iPhone, Mac and PC versions and easily adjust the colours and fonts.

Marvel Comics, £free plus costs of buying titles

While the Marvel Comics app  features several series scripted by British writers like Warren Ellis and Mark Millar in its comics library. Easily the best iPad app for reading comics on your new pride and joy, Marvel Comics lets you read in standard mode (seeing each full page) or guided view (swooping in to each panel as you flick through). Comics cost £1.19 each but there are free titles to test the app with too.

Where To Eat? Find Restaurants, £1.79
This app is one that will come into its own with the launch of the iPad 3G. With a database of thousands of restaurants across the world, it’ll help you find new places to eat wherever you are in the UK. It gives you a choice of 45 different cuisine types, offers turn-by-turn directions and has a built-in tip calculator.

iFooty Plus, £1.79
There aren’t many iPad apps dedicated to the beautiful game yet but luckily one of the best iPhone apps focused on it has been updated to become one of the best iPad apps. iFooty Plus gives you league tables for all the UK football leagues as well as international leagues. It features live score updates and has push notifications so you can set it to send you leaping off the sofa when your team scores and you’ve been forced to watch something less interesting.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, £14.99

If you want to make yourself a master of the English language but don’t want to deal with shelves straining under the weight of reference books, the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has been slimmed down to an iPad app. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary lists 240,000 words, keeps your most recent 500 searches in a history and has audio pronunciations., £free
It’s technically not an iPad app but works like a treat on the iPad, giving you access to live TV. TV Catchup has all the BBC channels, the ITV lineup, Channel 4, E4, Film 4, Sky News and Sky Sports News. While we wait for the BBC to bring HTML5 to the currently Flash-driven iPlayer, TV Catchup is the best place to watch TV on your iPad.

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  • Aaron Goodmiller

    You’re sleeping on Pricecheckah. It uses the great RedLaser barcode scanner, but gives you results from Amazon, eBay, walmart, overstock, as well as Google. It even let’s you put in your own stores.

    And at only 99c.

    • CM

      RedLaser barcode scanner? On the iPad? Without a camera? How does this work?


      • smitholi

        My thoughts exactly CM :-p

  • Ponker

    How about Korg’s iElectribe groove box?

  • Mae Buzen

    Yes, iFooty is a nice app dedicated to that beautiful game. Indeed. I was amazed that you dont have puzzle games on this list though. If you have tried Tetris or Bejeweled, it might interest you to know that there is a better option for these – StarFaces – certainly one of the best iPad app. This is my new favorite ipad puzzle game.

  • Motto

    ..Great but what if you’re like most of the country and don’t feckin live in or travel to London!

  • Kse85

    Have you tried PTSoccer EPL?  Fantastic footie app – well worth a look

  • Kse85

    Have you tried PTSoccer EPL?  Fantastic footie app – well worth a look

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