A Facebook iPad app is already on the iTunes App Store and nestled in the top 10 iPad apps list in the US. There’s just one problem: it’s not an official Facebook iPad app, costs £1.19 ($2.99), and is getting dreadful reviews from users.

Facebook Ultimate is from a previously unknown developer called Ultiapp and eager US iPad users have been snapping it up in the absence of an official Facebook iPad app.

Facebook was quick to release a Facebook iPhone app and has frequently updated it, so it seems strange that an official Facebook iPad app has been launched yet.

US iTunes App Store reviews of the Facebook Ultimate iPad app have been scathing with users dubbing it “a waste of money” and “awful, awful, awful”.

Long time Facebook iPhone app developer Joe Hewitt left the project last year. His tweet in response to Facebook Ultimate was as unimpressed as customer reviews: “Facebook Ultimate! …Sigh.”

If you’ve managed to somehow managed to grab an iPad on import, it looks like you should probably wait for an official Facebook iPad app. While you do, try the Facebook touch UI which you can access from your iPad or use Facebook Lite (as recommended, unsurprisingly by Facebook Lite designer, Rob Goodlatte, on Twitter).

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