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Launching this April, the Electricpig Pad will knock your socks into a cocked hat.

Forget the iPad, we’ve been beavering away on our own touchscreen supercomputer, and now we’re ready to unleash it on the world. Say hello to the Electricpig Pad.

It’s the perfect thing to stuff in your manbag, putting shame to the comparatively low tech of the iPad, and flawing the likes of the HP Slate with a single multi-touch swipe.

More than the sum of its parts, the Electricpig Pad features a detachable snap-off keyboard, meaning the screen is all you need when you’re on the road. Inside, it’s future-proofed with 4G connections, and Wi-Fi Q standard for next-gen wireless. There’s a lenticular screen too, letting you use the Electricpig Pad in public without nosy folk peeping over your shoulder.

Of course, the Electricpig Pad will run apps, and while other tablets have motion sensing, our gadget has “emotion sensing” too. Tiny pulse sensors in its sleek metal shell can tell when you’re angry, excited or tired and the Electricpig Pad will actually speed up its performance to avoid your wrath if it thinks you’re in a bad mood.

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Twin cameras up front mean the Electricpig Pad can video conference in 3D, or snap photos and make sure it always catches your good side. There’s a built in printer too, ready to spit out Polaroid style images, as well as shopping lists, post-it notes and wedges of card to steady wonky restaurant tables.

Running a proprietary Electricpig OS, the whole shebang is powered by magic smoke and absorbs energy from less superior devices to stay charged for weeks on end. Don’t leave it next to the freezer though, or you’ll wake up to a puddle and a pong.

Check out our mockup above to see the Electricpig Pad in full. Manufacturing has already begun by a crack team of elves in a secret construction plant, somewhere near the North Pole and retail versions will hit shelves this April. Be one of the first to get their hands on the Electricpig Pad by registering for updates below.

Out April | £TBC | Electricpig

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

    ooooo! magical

  • jbc

    revolutionary! And an incredible price, too.

  • http://www.vizual.co.uk Eamon

    I’ve just been to Currys and they have never heard of this, could you advise where I can get one or else I will have to buy an Apple upas!

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      April fooled, Eamon! Maybe next year… we could get Currys on board as a retail partner…

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