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Facebook privacy changes are on the way again. Facebook is planning a change to its privacy policy to allow it to share your name, photo, friends list and public information with a list of third-party websites. The big problem with the new Facebook privacy plan? Facebook wants to make it automatic.

Facebook revealed the new Facebook privacy plans in a post by its deputy general counsel, Michael Richter, who said the changes are necessary to “make way for some exciting new products”.

After discussing sharing links on Facebook and the forthcoming Facebook location features, Richter detailed the plan to make Facebook users information available to a list of websites approved by Facebook.

Richter said the idea of Facebook partnering with other websites is to allow them to offer a “more personalized experience at the moment you visit the site”. The move is likely to be linked to Facebook plans for a Like button for external websites.

But like previous Facebook privacy changes, the feature sharing your details with other websites would be activated automatically and you would need to opt out to stop it.

Facebook says more privacy controls will be strengthened before the feature to share your information with other websites is activated but it has had privacy problems before.

The last set of Facebook privacy changes opened up the possibility that scammers would grab your profile information. But Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is on record as saying that privacy is “no longer the social norm”.

Do you trust Facebook to choose the right websites to share your profile information with?

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  • Tim

    If there is anyone who hasnt already closed their Facebook account – nows the time to do it!

  • MJ

    I agree with Tim, Facebook is starting to go a little over the top and knowing that they have millions upon millions of people signed up, who are no doubt ‘addicted’ to the site, they think they can do things like this without any problems.

    I stopped using Facebook a while back as the hundreds of pointless apps, fan pages, adverts and general wonkyness of the site have turned it into a modern day equivalent of MySpace (complete with eye stabbing layouts).

    Twitter has shown that a site/service can become massive in a short period of time, how long will it be before something comes along and replaces Facebook?

    • Ben Sillis

      You’re absolutely right that Facebook has a bunch of privacy issues to resolve, and I suspect it may start having regulatory run ins in the not too distant future. I wouldn’t necessarily assume Twitter is a replacement – remember it’s only 2 years younger than Facebook, and still much much smaller. I’m much more interested to see if Google will ever crack social – with the blandness of Buzz, right now it doesn’t look like it.

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