Facebook is planning to bring the Like button to the entire web, according to rumours ramping up ahead of the Facebook F8 Developer Conference. If Facebook persuades your favourite sites to add the Like button, it would allow Facebook to fight Google in the quest to index the web.

Facebook Connect already lets you login to other sites with your Facebook details and buttons to share pages on Facebook have popped up around the web like social media mushrooms. But whispers from third party developers suggest the Facebook Like feature will be next to spread to the wider web.

It might sound like a pretty basic move but if Facebook gets sites to add the Like button, it’ll get hold of lots of juicy data about which sites and posts are most popular. Cataloguing where we go on the web and what we like is at the heart of the Google mission, so a new front in the battle between Google and Facebook could be just over the horizon.

The idea that Facebook might launch its own email service to challenge Google and Gmail was raised recently and Facebook location updates are on the cards, we wouldn’t be surprised if they emerged at the Facebook F8 conference too. Loads of new Facebook features have been promised and we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them were geared to nicking Google’s lunch.

Let us know what features you want Facebook to add and for the matter which features you wish it would ditch.

Due TBC | £free | Facebook (via Techcrunch)

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