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The expanded customisation options and incentives offered to keep playing online
We hate
The lack of truly new content and the fact that we have to pay for stuff that’s already on the disc
Lacks content and caters more for hardcore online players than Joe Average
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Those of you savvy enough to have checked out our glowing review of Bioshock 2 will no doubt be aware that this is one seriously amazing slice of FPS brilliance. It manages to match the original in almost every regard, but one of the most significant gains it has is the addition of a feature-rich and highly addictive multiplayer mode – something which was sadly missing in the first game.

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Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review: new weapons and characters

Like so many FPS titles this facet of Bioshock 2 is arguably what keeps hardcore fans coming back for more once the single-player campaign is done and dusted. Developer 2K Games clearly subscribes to this opinion as well because the first dollop of DLC-goodness is with us and it’s focused entirely on expanding the scope of online play.

However, those expecting a dramatic change are going to be disappointed; there are no new maps and the storyline which underpins the multiplayer remains firmly in place. Set in Rapture circa 1959, the online mode sees the player assuming the role of a splicer – a human who has become addicted to DNA-bending Plasmids – and the ensuing online death matches are supposed to represent the cataclysmic civil war which triggers the events of the original game.

Instead of unleashing a flood of new content, the Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions Test Pack is more about tweaking the experience and adding in incentives for players to keep on fighting. For example, the ranking cap is extended to 50 which means you can make your character even more powerful than before.

There are also additional trails to compete in which offer yet another reason to keep playing. These challenges are usually quite simple in nature; for example, one tasks you with frying a Big Daddy ten times in a row with your Electrocute Plasmid.

Weapon upgrades are also present, although these only boost the effectiveness of the current arsenal rather than adding in any entirely fresh pieces of ordinance. You also get two new character models to use – Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca – each with their own deliciously insane sound bites to shout during particularly hectic battles.

Heavy users of Bioshock 2’s multiplayer mode may view the Sinclair Solutions Test Pack as an almost essential download. If you’ve put in a significant amount of play time already then chances are you will have already unlocked a lot of the existing rewards and boosted your rank well into double-figures, and this DLC gives you additional incentive to keep on playing, offering more content and rewards to earn.

However, it’s a shame such content wasn’t included with the game originally, and the news that the DLC is actually stored on the disc – “purchasing” it just unlocks the data for you to use – makes it hard to view this as anything other than a cheeky exercise in making fans pay for something that they technically own already.

2K Games has made no secret that more Bioshock 2 DLC is inbound and we hope that the company sees fit to add in more significant levels of content, such as more single-player missions, fresh Plasmids and new weaponry. As it stands the Sinclair Solutions Test Pack will probably find a warm welcome amongst multiplayer devotees but everyone else is advised to sit it out and wait for meatier morsels to float by.

Read the rest of our Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review

Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review: new weapons and characters

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