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The two new characters are great and the DLC will appeal to dedicated players looking to push their rank higher
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No new weapons – the only additions here are upgrades to the existing arsenal
So much more could have been done here; veteran Bioshock 2 fans will get more out of this than newcomers
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Thanks to the increased online connectivity of modern consoles and the proliferation of high-speed broadband networks downloadable content is becoming a bigger and bigger deal these days. While many publishers use this system to create fresh content for existing titles and therefore keep them in the public eye, others utilise it as a means of milking a bit more cash out of long-suffering fans. So just where does this Bioshock 2 DLC sit in the system?

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Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review: overall verdict

Bioshock 2’s Sinclair Solutions Test Pack DLC certainly seems to take the latter approach, but before we allow our morals to cloud our judgement let’s take a look at what your 400 Microsoft points are actually going to get you.

Additional Characters

The most obvious addition is the introduction of two new splicers to play as. Oscar Calraca is a suave smoking jacket-wearing entrepreneur who made his fortune in the cosmetics industry but now ignores the complexities of big business to instead focus his attention on the pleasures his wealth affords him. His wild parties and penchant for massive spending have earned him quite a reputation in Rapture, but with the civil war in full flow he’s forced to take up arms to defend what is rightfully his.

Louis McGraff is the other fresh face and while he comes from an entirely different background to the wealthy Calraca, he’s just as willing to get stuck into a scrap. Decked out in grubby prison fatigues and sporting a permanent scowl, McGraff is an illegal smuggler by trade but also enjoys dishing out physical punishment to anyone foolish enough to get in his way.

The care and attention lavished on the multiplayer cast was one of the things that made BioShock 2’s online mode such a joy to play and the insertion of these two new characters only adds to this appeal. Calraca and McGraff come well-equipped with plenty of witty comments and sound bites, and these help keep the ensuing online contests fresh.

Weapon Upgrades

In the original Bioshock 2 multiplayer mode you could upgrade each weapon twice. The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack adds in another upgrade, taking the total to three. These augmentations usually have the effect of improving a weapon’s power, accuracy or ammo type, and they follow a similar pattern to those witnessed in the single-player portion of the title.

While such enhancements obviously give players another reward to aim for – upgrades are unlocked as your progress through the ranks, with some of the level three variants only accessible when you’ve passed the level 30 mark – we can’t deny we’re disappointed that the developer didn’t put some new toys in there for us to play around with. Frustratingly, there are no new Plasmids to speak of either.

Advanced Trials

Similar to standard in-game achievements, these challenges involve repeatedly performing a task a certain number of times. As well as offering an objective to strive for when you’re in the middle of a death match, they also boost the speed at which you increase your rank, so they’re certainly worth perusing.

The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack introduces a wide range of different trials and the developers have cleverly put them at the high end of the ranking spectrum; you’ll only be able to access them once you’ve past a certain point of experience. Bearing this in mind, this particular aspect of the DLC is likely to appeal more to online veterans rather than first-timers.

Read the rest of our Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review

Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions DLC review: overall verdict

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