Microsoft Courier, Microsoft’s iPad battling tablet, has long seemed like just a concept but an official Microsoft jobs blog seems to have briefly made it more official. Was the Microsoft Courier reference a screw up by an HR droid or Microsoft teasing us once again with the prospect of the Microsoft Courier becoming a reality?

On Microsoft’s JobsBlog, a site for folk seeking a job at Bill Gates’ baby, a post promoting the firm’s future tech dropped in a reference to Microsoft Courier after touting Project Natal and Bing Maps.

The post concluded: “…check out some of the online chatter surrounding new releases of Windows Phone 7 series handsets, Internet Explorer 9 and the upcoming Courier digital journal.”

The reference to the Microsoft Courier linked to a recent Engadget post showing concept images and a video of the Microsoft Courier in action.

There’s two obvious ways to look at the Microsoft Courier reference popping up on an official Microsoft blog. Either Microsoft is deliberately teasing us ahead of a proper announcement of the Microsoft Courier or someone just made a mistake.

The post has subsequently been edited by Microsoft to cut the Microsoft Courier reference, leaving us to ponder and read about Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

With April on the horizon and iPad day approaching rapidly, do you even care about the Microsoft Courier? It certainly looks cool but we’d love to see a real life Microsoft Courier rather than all those lovely renders.

Due TBC | £TBC | Microsoft (via AllThingsD)

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