Firefox for Windows Mobile has been abandoned and work on a version of Firefox for Windows Phone 7 has been put on hold by Mozilla. Microsoft’s decision to restrict Windows Phone 7 apps to Silverlight and XNA was seemingly the final straw for the Mozilla folk working on Firefox for Windows Mobile.

Firefox for Windows Mobile has been in the works at Mozilla HQ for some time (screen shots of Firefox working on Windows Mobile handsets popped up back in 2008) but all that work seems to have been for naught.

Stuart Parmenter (aka Pavlov), director of Mobile at Mozilla, revealed on his development blog that since Microsoft is putting all its efforts into Windows Phone 7, work on previous Windows Mobile Firefox apps was no longer worthwhile:

“Given that Microsoft is staking their future in mobile on Windows Mobile 7 (not 6.5) and because we don’t know if or when Microsoft will release a native development kit, we’re are putting our Windows Mobile development on hold.”

Parmenter doesn’t shut off the possibility of bringing Firefox to Windows Phone 7 but that would require Microsoft allowing native apps in the new OS.

In the meantime, Mozilla says it will focus its attentions on Firefox for Android and Firefox for MeeGo. Might it also investigate Firefox for iPhone now Opera has submitted Opera for iPhone to the App Store?

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