An iPad Kindle app was hinted at in Amazon’s Kindle for Mac announcement last week, now the first details of that much whispered about iPad Kindle app have emerged. The iPad Kindle app isn’t a blown up version of the iPhone Kindle app, so what differences will you notice?

The New York Times, which itself is set to make waves on the iPad, has seen the iPad Kindle app in action. It reports that the iPad Kindle app lets you turn pages with your fingers and features new ways to view your ebook collection.

Only one of the methods of skimming through your ebook library in the iPad Kindle app has been revealed so far. It will show you your entire ebook collection as large cover images on a backdrop with a silhouetted figure reading from a tablet beneath a tree.

Ian Freed, Kindle VP at Amazon says the iPad Kindle app uses a totally new interface: “We have actually developed a tablet-based interface that redesigns the core screen and the reading experience.”

With rumours that Amazon is planning a touchscreen Kindle 2, it’s possible that the work put in to developing a touchscreen interface for the iPad Kindle app could point to what we can expect from it.

The New York Times also reveals that Barnes & Noble have built a Nook iPad app to follow on from their Nook iPhone app. The Nook iPad app will also let you flick through books with finger swipes and customise font size and colour.

It’s still not clear whether Apple will approve the iPad Kindle app even though its own iBooks app will not come preloaded on the iPad. Amazon is currently battling with publishers over ebook pricing ahead of the iPad launch. Expect the iPad Kindle battle to start hotting up.

Due TBC | £TBC | Apple (via New York Times)

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