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The iPad apps launch line up could be dominated by games, according to a new report. We knew Apple was proud of the tablet’s gaming potential, but it could be set to market them even harder come 3 April: read on to see how we know.

AppleInsider reports that a huge 44 percent of all iPad apps being tested by Cupertino right now are games. The data is based on findings from analytics firm Flurry, which detected prototype iPads being used before launch and revealed that they would run on iPhone OS 3.2, and suggests that like the iPod touch, Apple may be set to push gaming iPad apps to the forefront from launch.

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Developers already have access to an SDK to make optmised apps for the slate, but only a few select partners have an iPad ahead of launch to try them out on, so it’s likely that most of the iPads Flurry has detected are in Apple offices and labs, and the apps ones it’ll have ready to download from day one.

The numbers make for some interesting reading: the next largest category of iPad apps detected by Flurry is entertainment, at 14 percent, with finance at seven percent. Perhaps unsurprisingly, books make up only three precent of those being tested: developers may be steering clear with both iBooks and a Kindle iPad app expected.

Can iPad apps and games help pioneer a new trend in portable gaming? Would you take an iPad out with you instead of a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP? We’ll get a better sense of just what Apple is planning when the iPad App Store opens for business, but shout up with what you think right here.

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