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The GTA 4 DLC episodes expected to hit the PS3 and PC on 30 March just hit a roadblock: Rockstar Games has revealed that both parts on both platforms have been delayed. We’ve got the dates and the details, so read on to find out just what happened.

Both episodes of GTA 4 DLC, The Lost And Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, will now launch on PS3 and PC on 16 April in the UK and Europe, and three days earlier in the US. Both episodes of GTA 4 DLC are already available on the Xbox 360, but this will be the first time they are made available on more than one platform.

The fortnight delay is due to a last minute request “from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to edit some of the in-game Liberty City radio station, television, and internet content” in the GTA 4 DLC on PS3. As a result, the developer is holding back all new versions of the games for a simultaneous global release.

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Rockstar hasn’t revealed what specific bits of the GTA 4 DLC Sony wanted trimmed, but mentions in a statement that there are “different regional requirements for content”, suggesting one ratings board at least didn’t like some of the black humour the Grand theft Auto series is famous for.

It’s a shame Rockstar has had to delay the GTA 4 DLC, especially just weeks after putting the date for Red Dead Redemption back too, but we can take some solace in the fact that Rockstar will still be hosting the big multiplayer events for both PS3 and PC, but now on 16 and 17 April.

Out 16 April | £TBC | Rockstar Games

  • Mark

    A 2 week delay is not “hits the skids”…

    You need to grow up in your reporting style, rather than just lame fanboy bait. No wonder your viewing stats have plummeted, nobody wants this tripe, they want proper news…

    • Ben Sillis

      After waiting a whole year any delay isn’t good news for anyone without an Xbox 360 – the launch date was a big thing, to the point where Rockstar had multiplayer online events scheduled for it. It’s had to postpone those too.

  • Joe Minihane

    What is it then? As I’ve said countless times, we’re not fan boys. Have you read our gushing Heavy Rain review? Or our PS3 Slim review? Would you prefer a dispassionate recounting of the quotes. All the best news comes with a dollop of opinion. Otherwise there’d be no discourse.

    Chin chin,


    • Ben Sillis

      Jason? Jason? Jason! I bloody love Heavy Rain.

  • DAVE

    i hate xbox for being a cheap piece of crap console and buying exclusive rights to game content. you dont see ps3 paying millions of bucks to keep game add on exclusive. xbox is obviously inferior and feels the need to pay extra money to block ps3 users who have the same games from having fun. they should instead put millions into their systems to make them better so they dont fucking break and could play bluray. which btw sony invented bluray and you dont see them hording and keeping that exclusive. FUCK XBOX!

    • JMC


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