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Kindle books are headed to the iPad with a Kindle iPad app. Amazon confirmed that a Kindle iPad app is on the way while announcing the launch of the Kindle for Mac app.

Amazon first promised a Kindle for Mac app in October 2009. Now it has finally arrived with similar functionality to what we’ve got used to with the Kindle iPhone, Kindle Blackberry app and Kindle PC app.

Kindle for Mac will sync with other devices. If you read a Kindle book on your Mac, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on your iPhone or Kindle when you’re on the move.

Kindle for Mac is available for free now from the Amazon website. You’ll need Mac OS X 10.5 or above to start reading. Full text search and the ability to add and edit notes in Kindle for Mac will be added later though you can read notes and annotations you’ve added on other devices.

While the Kindle iPhone app will work on the iPad, a native Kindle iPad app would be far easier to use. Apple has said that you’ll be able to sync ePub files through iTunes into its iBooks app but how it will deal with competition from a Kindle iPad app remains to be seen.

With the iPad arriving in April, Amazon reminding us that a Kindle iPad app is in the works suggests we could be seeing it around the same time. And don’t forget there’s those rumours of an iPad-fighting Kindle 2 to consider.

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