Facebook and Twitter channels are headed to the Cello iViewer TV, the budget HDTV with BBC iPlayer built in that launched late last year. Samsung‘s Twitter TVs too pricey? Don’t want an Xbox 360 for poking friends from your sofa? Read on for when the update hits.

From next month, Facebook and Twitter updates will be pushed out to the Cello iViewer TV automatically, allowing you to hop on to your social network of choice from your couch and scroll through updates with your remote.

If you’ll recall, we were quite smitten with the Cello iViewer TV when it went on sale at Marks & Spencer late last year: it’s surprisingly cheap, and just as importantly made BBC iPlayer easy to use, even for your gran. While this isn’t the Sky Player update the British tech company teased us with, Facebook and Twitter could still prove to be useful additions to a net TV, and based on the image Cello has provided, the latter certainly looks the part.

Cello iViewer TV: Sky Player streaming incoming!

Cello has confirmed to us that you will only be able to view updates rather than send them from your remote, and we’re just confirming whether you’ll be able to view galleries on Facebook, as you can on Xbox Live. We’ll update when we hear back.

Out April | £free | Cello

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