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Chaos Rings, a new original iPhone RPG with stunning 3D graphics, has just been announced by the team behind the Final Fantasy games, Square Enix. We’ve got the first trailer of the game right here, so read on to see it in action!

With Chaos Rings, Square Enix is ramping up its efforts in mobile gaming. It’s not a rehash or a cash in, but an iPhone only RPG with impressive 3D graphics and a battle system designed to work on a touchscreen.

Japanese gaming mag Famitsu managed to nab some early hands on time with the game, and reports that the storyline revolves around a tournament pitting teams of two in a fight to the death, with the winner receiving eternal youth. That sounds like typical Japanese RPG fodder to use, but the promise of character designer for the classic Final Fantasy 7, Yusuke Naora, working on the cast for Chaos Rings for iPhone has us stoked.

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There’s no announced release date for the Chaos Rings iPhone game just yet, but given the month gap between Final Fantasy I and II being announced for iPhone and arriving on the App Store, we may not have long to wait. In the meantime though, give that play button a pop and check out the Chaos Rings iPhone game trailer now!

Out TBC | £TBC | Square Enix (Via andriasang)

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