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Internet Explorer 9: Microsoft's next gen browser revealed!

UPDATE: The Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview is ready to go. We’ve just downloaded it and given it a quick whirl, so read on for the photos.

Internet Explorer 9 has just been launched at Microsoft’s MIX10 conference going down in Las Vegas, and it’s gatecrashing the world of HTML5. What does that mean for you? 3D graphics in your browser, and sites that Microsoft says will feel like “real apps rather than web pages”.

The big news for Internet Explorer 9 is adoption of the HTML5 web standard. It’s what powers other browsers and allows for rich web apps on gadgets like the iPhone, and Microsoft is pushing it hard.

That spells good news for users, as Microsoft promises Internet Explorer 9 will enable GPU-accelerated HTML5, so anyone with a graphics card in their computer will be able to offload work to it. Remember Quake Live? Future browser games could look much richer.

Some of the HTML5 specifications Internet Explorer 9 will support include scalable vector graphics, and H.264/MPEG-4 and MP3/AAC codecs for video and audio. To show how fast it is at decoding HTML5 video, Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch showed a netbook with a separate GPU running two different 720p HD videos in the browser at the same time. Microsoft is also touting a new JavaScript engine which makes better use of multi-core processors for better performance too.

While there’s no launch date for the full Internet Explorer 9 for the masses just yet, if you’re interested, you can download and check out the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview right now to give you an idea of some of the standards and speeds you can expect.

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