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The iPad has only been available for pre-order in one country for three days, but estimates put the number of the tablets already sold at a staggering 120,000, and that’s just in the first 24 hours. Read on to see which iPad models are flying off the virtual shelves fastest.

While Apple tends to keep its figures close to its chest, the stock market savvy crew at Investor Village have been doing a bit of number crunching and surveying to come up with a rough but incredible estimate for the number of iPad pre-orders placed on Friday.

Based on a sampling of 99 iPad pre-orders, they took the average number of daily orders away from Friday’s orders (124,596-16,500) and multiplied it by the number of iPad models bought per customer (1.11). The guesstimate? 119,987 iPad orders already notched up.

The analysis goes a bit further too: the survey found that orders of the 16, 32 and 64GB iPad were almost identical, at 33, 32 and 33 percent respectively, while Wi-Fi only models outsold the 3G iPad range at a rate of two to one.

iPad: get yours three weeks early

Over 24 hours, that works out at an astonishing 1.38 iPad purchases every second, and that’s not including Saturday and Sunday pre-orders. But even if all those early Apple fans bought the cheapest $499 model, that’s still earned Apple a good $59m (£39m).

Of course, whether or not the iPad will continue to steam ahead at this rate remains to be seen. To date, Apple has only aired one iPad advert, so early iPad pre-orders are likely to be the work of tech-savvy fans, rather than swathes of the general public.

There’s also the fact that only American residents can pre-order the iPad at present. Something UK iPad orderers can sidestep using services such as Bundlebox, of course. In short, the prognosis for the iPad looks good. It’s off to a flying start, even before Apple has really pulled out the stops.

Out April | £TBC | Apple (Via CNN)

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