iPad envy has apparently gripped the tech industry with chip maker ARM predicting that we’ll see at least 50 new tablets this year. It looks like the iPad has kick started a new wave of tablets but will any of them be as compelling?

At the Computex electronics show in Taipei, processor firm ARM, talked up a wave of tablets on the way in the wake of the iPad.

Roy Chan, ARM’s worldwide mobile computing manager, said: “The first tablet devices will launch in the second quarter…you’ll see a lot more in the third quarter.”

We’re not surprised to hear that so many tablets are on the cards now. Lots of manufacturers were waiting to see what Apple had in store with the iPad before they released their own tablets.

ARM is likely to have a good perspective on the raft of iPad rivals heading our way – its chips will be used in many of them and it will usually hear about them very early on.

During its press conference, ARM showed two Google Android tablets aiming to tussle with the iPad. One from Compai Electronics, the second largest contract laptop maker in the world, was a 7in slate with Nvidia Tegra 2 chips and ARM cores. It includes HDMI for connecting it to an HDTV.

We’ve seen word of three devices set to join the iPad fighting hoards recently. There’s the HP Slate, the Amazon Kindle-loving Dell Mini 5 and still looking a little hazy, the Microsoft Courier.

The technology industry is obviously sold on the idea of tablets but does the iPad and this wave of new slate PCs appeal to you? Make sure you take a look at our list of 10 of the most interesting iPad rivals.

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