Google has revealed a new app store for its Google Apps suite (which includes Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs). The Google Apps app store features apps from 50 companies and looks set to step up the fight with Microsoft Office web apps and the iTunes App Store.

The Google Apps app store, officially called Google Apps Marketplace, features paid apps that will integrate with the free and paid for versions of the Google Apps suite.

Initially the Google Apps Marketplace will focus on business apps like expense reporting and pay roll but could easily move on to more consumer applications.

One app in the Google Apps Marketplace has caught our eye for its potential to revolutionise pay day. If your company snapped up the Intuit payroll app, it will be able to let you know when you’ve been paid by plonkng an icon on your Google Calendar.

Google is charging developers to get their apps into Google Apps Marketplace but it’s a fixed fee of £67 ($100) for as many apps as they like. Google will snaffle up 20% of the proceeds from sales on Google Apps Marketplace.

Google says 25 million people use Google apps. It’s clear that its plan with Google Apps Marketplace is to go head to head with Microsoft’s Office 2010 web apps but it could also be the first step in a bigger fight with the iTunes App Store. Android owners already had the option of grabbing apps from the Android marketplace.

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