The Amazon Kindle 2 will feature an “innovative Web browser” if a new ad by Kindle making Amazon shell-company Lab 126 is to be believed. But will a touchscreen Amazon Kindle 2 with perked up web browsing be enough to fight the iPad or should Amazon angle for partnerships with devices like the Dell Mini 5?

A job posting on Amazon’s website points to a new vacancy at the Lab126 Kindle making division which is likely to be hard at work on the Amazon Kindle 2. The ad asks for someone to help build “an innovative Web browser…embedded” into a device. Definitely sounds the Amazon Kindle 2 to us.

Amazon has long been rumoured to be working on a touchscreen Amazon Kindle 2 but it’s getting its putting its Kindle software in plenty of other places. There’s the Kindle iPhone app which could soon evolve into a Kindle iPad app and the Kindle Blackberry app to name just two. Earlier today we discovered that the Dell Mini 5 tablet could come with Amazon Kindle integration.

If Amazon is going to compete with the colour ebook reader smarts of the iPad and its iBook store, it’ll definitely need a colour screen and some touch smarts in its Amazon Kindle 2. Creating a new Amazon Kindle browser would be a big part of that.

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  • CJ84

    Dedicated Kindle sales in the UK! Who cares about a sequel if that has to be imported from the US too with a crippling import tax!!

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